Our Bespoke Tailoring Process

We want to make your bespoke tailoring experience enjoyable and easy to follow. No great mystery — just good, honest, luxury clothing from conception to completion. We’ll give you a choice of the finest materials available, and guide you through choices on cloth, pattern, lining, buttons, weight and weave.

Here’s what you can expect to happen from the moment you make an appointment with us to the moment you receive your finished product.


The starting point — an open and relaxed conversation to gauge your needs and help you make informed decisions at your own pace. Here, every detail is discussed before progressing to the next stage. You may have an initial idea of what you want, and we’re happy to build upon that, guiding you towards your ideal final product. If you’re less certain about your aspirations, that’s okay. Our tailors have an educated eye born out of years of experience, and can suggest bespoke designs to complement your form and taste.

Cloth Selection

Select from a wealth of luxurious British and Italian cloths, each with its own exceptional properties. Of course, your decision will be influenced by your reason for purchase, your budget, climate, and even your size. Marc Oliver’s close relationship with the world’s leading woolen mills allows us to offer a choice of over 5,000 cloths. Our tailors’ experience and knowledge will simplify selection by suggesting a range of suitable cloths in different weights, allowing you to focus on the personal elements that make your suit unique—inner linings, button selection, cloth pattern and colour.


We believe that elegance goes hand in hand with comfort. Measuring for a garment with an impeccable fit involves more than just running a tape around you. Our tailors are experts at interpreting body shape, and combine this with precise measurements to allow for subtle differences that would otherwise be missed. No two individuals are the same, and everyone’s needs and wishes vary. Therefore, no two Marc Oliver bespoke suits are ever the same.


Once we’ve helped you select your cloth and taken your measurements, your fabrics are ordered promptly and sent to our cutting rooms in Milan. All Marc Oliver suits are made In Italy, where we can apply the more contemporary Italian approach to cutting and styling. We’re renowned for incorporating the best aspects of classic Savile Row tailoring with the modern techniques of Italy’s finest tailoring houses. After approximately 5 – 7 weeks, your garments return to Savile Row. An appointment is then arranged to check the fitting with you before proceeding to make the final changes and adjustments.

Fitting & Completion

Your suit is nearing completion, but some important details still need to be taken care of to ensure a perfect fit. In the first fitting at our studio or a place of your choosing, our tailor assesses which tweaks are required. After a week of fine tuning, we arrange a second fitting. If both client and tailor are happy with the product after this fitting, you’ll be able to take your new garments home. However if more needs to be done, we’ll gladly do it — tailoring is a constant pursuit for perfection. We’ll never send a client off with a garment we’re not completely happy with. We keep a detailed record of all measurements and any adjustments made throughout, helping to ensure a more fluid and seamless experience the next time you order from Marc Oliver.

Suit Jacket Construction

Marc Oliver bespoke suits are constructed in one of two main ways — half canvas or a full canvas interlining. The choice is yours, and each has its own merits. Some clients favour the lightweight feel of half canvas, while others enjoy the heavier and more structured full canvas option.

Why We Use Canvas Interlinings

Typically made from horsehair blended with cotton or other high performance materials, the canvas interlining forms a layer between the external cloth and the jacket’s inner lining. The excellent fit and unparalleled comfort of a jacket made with a canvas interlining is one of the main reasons why people still visit tailors today. Jackets made in this way mould to a wearer’s shape, accentuating the male form and offering them a greater degree of comfort, while increasing durability. It does this by distributing tension away from stress points such as the elbows or shoulders, mitigating any risk of distortion, and allowing you to move with greater freedom. As well as this, canvas interlinings also reinforce the jacket’s resilience against modern day dry-cleaning methods. Simply put, canvas interlinings elevate a suit jacket’s overall look, fit, comfort and long-term performance.

Half Canvas Construction

The most popular choice for those who are new to luxury tailoring, yet many of our seasoned clients also choose half canvas for its lighter weight, great comfort and lower cost. Half canvas interlinings extend from the softly padded shoulder to half-way down the jacket body. This use of less canvas produces a lighter feel with a supreme drape, i.e. the way the jacket hangs or falls over the body. The shoulder moulds to the wearer’s body, enhancing the fit and durability of the suit whilst increasing its comfort and range of style options .

Full Canvas Construction

A more premium option for daily suit wearers, full canvas interlinings use an increased amount of canvas, extending much further down the jacket body from the padded shoulder. This adds more weight and structure to the jacket, enhancing the fit as it adapts precisely to the contours of its wearer’s body. The full canvas jacket’s inlay is fully sewn in, making it even more flexible, breathable, and durable.

Marc Oliver Price Guide

Naturally, hand tailored bespoke & made to measure garments vary in price depending on the detailed specifications. However, to make things clearer for you, the following pricing guideline offers an indication. Once you meet our tailor in person, we’ll be able to provide you with an exact price for your garments.

2 piece suit From £1000
3 piece suit From £1295
Jackets & Blazers From £800
Trousers & Chinos From £295
Bermuda Shorts From £250
Overcoats & Topcoats From £1,250
Morning Suits From £1300
Dinner Suits From £1250
Shirts * From £165

*Shirt bundles available on request.

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