Marc Oliver Bespoke Tailors & Shirt Makers

London Bespoke Tailors

Welcome to Marc Oliver Bespoke Tailoring for Men, we are London based tailors offering our services by appointment in Savile Row London or through our Visiting Tailor service throughout London, and the counties of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

We have a passion for all things tailoring and have quickly established a reputation for making fine quality hand tailored bespoke suits that observe the finer traditions of Savile Row craftsmanship; however, we choose to make all our clothing in Milan only. This fundamental difference separates us form other labels as it allows us to create elegant luxury clothing of superior comfort that accentuates the male form.

We believe that a customer’s style should reflect his preferences and personality, and we achieve this through a marriage between cloth and tailor where the customer becomes the focal point of the design process. Unlike many traditional tailors we do not impose a rigid house style on our customers but choose instead to be known for the clean, slim lines of our tailoring whilst maintaining an eye for the individual, the result is a perfect balance between cut, design and performance.

We know that visiting a tailor for the first time can be a daunting task for anyone and for this reason we offer a relaxed and less formal appointment service to discuss your requirements. During this appointment, our expert tailors will gently guide you through the fitting and selection process allowing you to make informed decisions at your own pace.

Visiting Tailors

Our expert tailors are also available by appointment only at a time and place convenient to you in London or the counties of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire,although we recommend meeting them in a relaxed and comfortable environment when choosing this option.

You can still expect our high standards service and expertise when selecting this option as we pride ourselves on understanding each of our client’s needs whilst delivering a personal and individual service. We achieve this through a relaxed free flowing dialogue where the customer is always encouraged to express himself.

As our tailors are coming to you it is often helpful to have some idea of your expectations and immediate needs, so we can prepare a selection of suitable cloths in advance. We recommend taking a little time to consider some ideas you may have and encourage you to discuss these with us when booking your appointment.

Once we have made a pattern for you all future appointments become simpler as all that is often required is to select a cloth and agree on a style. Our tailors will always double check your measurements before proceeding to ensure that there have been no significant changes to your size, any changes will be noted and then carefully applied to your individual pattern ensuring a quicker and more fluid appointment process the next time you order with us.