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Since 2008 Marc Oliver Bespoke Tailoring has quickly established a reputation for combining Savile Row craftmanship with renowned Italian design to produce hand tailored luxury clothing of unsurpassable quality and comfort.

Marc Oliver successfully integrates the subtle differences between classic British tailoring and the more contemporary approach to cutting and styling used by many of Italy’s fine tailoring institutions.The fusion of British and Italian construction techniques has a well deserved reputation that can be traced back to its early beginnings in Italy in 1901 when George V and later Edward V111 became devotees.

Proud of our heritage, our clothing still observes the finer traditions of Savile Row artistry; however, they are made in Milan only. This fundamental difference separates us from other labels and is also the reason why we have a perfect understanding of all the elements involved in making luxury hand tailored clothing to cater for an increasingly international clientele.

Our philosophy is to produce elegant luxury clothing of superior comfort that accentuates the male form; this is achieved through a marriage between cloth and tailor where the customer becomes the focal point of the design process.

Service and expertise are an integral part of our business and we pride ourselves on having a warm and approachable nature where the customer is always encouraged to express himself.

Marc Oliver is known for the clean, slim lines of its tailoring whilst maintaining an eye for the individual, the result is a perfect balance between cut, design and performance.

Most clients have an initial idea of what they are looking for; however, we are happy to recommend some aspirational designs after understanding their needs. Our tailor’s ability to interpret these requests transforms a simple length of cloth into a suit with characteristics as unique as the person who is wearing it. Although we have been making fine hand tailored clothing for many years we take the utmost care to ensure we understand our customers’ needs at every stage of the process. We achieve this through a free-flowing dialogue between client and tailor where every detail and decision is discussed before moving on to the next stage.

As bespoke tailors, we are often asked to design special outfits for one off events, if you are looking for something special just ask us and we will be happy to explain how this service can work for you.

We believe that style should reflect your preferences as well as your personality and we combine this belief with our expertise to create bespoke garments that will allow you to express yourself. We like to push the boundaries of design through our use of colour and cut to create updated classics with timeless appeal through to more contemporary styles with a distinctly international feel.

We know that visiting a tailor for the first time can be a daunting task for anyone and for this reason we offer a relaxed and less formal appointment service to gently guide you through the fitting and selection process allowing you to make informed and pleasing decisions at your own pace.

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