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Traditional Overcoats are being worn to a lesser degree; however, a smart yet versatile overcoat or Topcoat is still an indispensable item in a man’s wardrobe during the winter months. Combined with a Jacket from our Bespoke service – You will be the smartest Man out there

We Make High Quality Bespoke Jackets & Topcoats

Overcoats are traditionally longer than topcoats as their length extends below the knee, they are also normally made using heavier fabrics, so they can have an unwanted tendency of overheating the wearer more quickly if chosen poorly.

Unlike overcoats, topcoats are either knee length or slightly shorter and are usually made from a lighter weight cloth such as a gabardine or covert.Topcoats have recently grown in popularity as they offer the city gentleman a balance between warmth and practicality and can be made in a variety of more contemporary styles.

Blazers are often the most under used item in a man’s wardrobe although they can also be the most useful when looking to create the right impression or for when a suit is not appropriate. Blazers are an ideal way of dressing less formally, so it is important to get the basics right. We can advise you on suitable cuts, so you can make informed decisions on cloth and colour, helping you visualise what you are going to wear it with.

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Measurements & Style Consultation

We know that visiting a tailor for the first time can be a fairly daunting prospect for most people; however;our aim is to quickly dispel any fears our prospective clients may have by making the process as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Most clients have an initial idea of what they are looking for; however,we are happy to recommend some aspirational designs after understanding their needs.

Our tailor’s ability to interpret these requests transforms a simple length of cloth into a suit with characteristics as unique as the person who is wearing it.

Although we have been making fine hand tailored clothing for many years we take particular care to ensure we understand your needs at every stage of the process.

We achieve this through a free-flowing dialogue between client and tailor where every detail and decision is discussed before moving on to the next stage.

Our tailors will simplify the selection and fitting process by using jargon free terms and demonstrate the benefits of the choices available to you.

Pattern Cutting & Construction

Elegance should never come at the expense of a wearer’s comfort, it is therefore vital for us to understand our client’s requirements before we start measuring.

We combine this information with our skilled measuring techniques to ensure the finished garment will fit perfectly and compliment the wearer.

An experienced tailor’s interpretation of a client’s body shape and measurements is extremely important as he can allow for subtle differences that would otherwise be missed and make any adjustments accordingly.

Once our client has selected the cloth we then take a comprehensive range of personal body measurements, these are all noted in a personalised record that is updated throughout the process and then stored for future use.

All fabrics are then ordered and sent to Milan ready for cutting on the next working day, turnaround around times vary depending on the individual order but normally fall between 6-7 weeks.

First & Second Fitting

After approximately 5 weeks we will be in touch to arrange your first fitting; at this stage your suit will be made, but unfinished. Your tailor will try your garment on you to assess where tweaks and other important adjustments need to be made to ensure the final suit will fit perfectly.

Finally, normally around a week or so later we will be in touch to arrange your final fitting when your suit will be ready to take home with you. All the adjustments and tweaks that we have made throughout our fitting processes will now be carefully applied to your individual pattern ensuring a quicker and more fluid process the next time you order from us.

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Ordering with us is by appointment only and this can be at a time and place convenient to you. We recommend choosing a relaxed and comfortable environment when selecting our visiting tailor. Marc Oliver prides itself on understanding each of our client’s needs and on delivering a personal and individual service.


We are available by appointment in Savile Row, Mayfair, London

Tel +44 (0) 207 129 7599


Our expert tailors are available by appointment at a time and place convenient to you although we recommend meeting them in a relaxed and comfortable environment when choosing this option.

Tel +44 (0) 207 129 7599


Available in:

London – London City

Surrey – Farnham, Guildford, Virginia Water

Hampshire – Winchester

Berkshire– Sunningdale, Windsor , Ascot

If you need to book a tailor outside these areas, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.