Traditional overcoats are being worn to a lesser degree; however, a smart yet versatile overcoat or topcoat is still an indispensable item in a man’s wardrobe during the winter months.

Overcoats are traditionally longer than topcoats as their length extends below the knee, they are also normally made using heavier fabrics, so they can have an unwanted tendency of overheating the wearer more quickly if chosen poorly.

Unlike overcoats, topcoats are either knee length or slightly shorter and are usually made from a lighter weight cloth such as a gabardine or covert.Topcoats have recently grown in popularity as they offer the city gentleman a balance between warmth and practicality and can be made in a variety of more contemporary styles.

Most men rarely bother to think about purchasing a bespoke overcoat, even though it provides the best fit and allows them to dictate both the style and fabric it is made in. A well-fitting classic overcoat represents a sound investment as it will last for thousands of wears providing the owner with comfort and warmth for many years to come.

Careful consideration should be given to cloth selection and coat style as these factors can impact heavily on a coats versatility. If these decisions are made correctly then the coat can retain the flexibility to be worn with suits and smart casual clothing. Two of the most important decisions to consider when ordering any style of coat is to decide what you would like to use it for and which clothing you are going to wear it with. This helps with the following decisions concerning the style, colour and weight of cloth that is to be used in its making.

We make overcoats in all cloth weights using the best wools in the world to achieve a first class fit; however, these wools are greatly improved when they are blended with rare luxury fabrics such as Alpaca, Cashmere, Vicuna to make cloths with exceptional performance qualities. Using luxury fabrics of this nature increases the coats softness and because their fibres provide more warmth they allow for a lighter choice of fabric to be used in the making process, this cuts the overall weight of the finished coat considerably.

We recommend wearing a tailored jacket of some description when being measured for a coat as we can allow for some extra room, so a jacket can be worn with the coat at a later date.

Most clients have an initial idea of what they are looking for however we are happy to recommend one of our many designs after understanding their needs. Our styles vary from smart city coats in single or double breasted through to less formal options such as a three-quarter length coat in a fine tweed or a soft pure new wool. We will probably have already made a coat similar to the style you are looking for as we have been making coats for many years. Some clients arrive with a favourite overcoat that has seen better days and simply request that we make them a new one using our methods in an updated fabric.