Feel Fabulous and Look Amazing

What if you have no idea of where to start or what colours will suit you best?

With so much choice available in this world it can be hard to know where to begin when looking to create a new image for oneself; even the most experienced shopper can be quickly overwhelmed; this is where Marc Oliver’s Personal Styling Service can really benefit you. Our experience and professional advice will guide you through the pitfalls by helping you make informed and pleasing decisions that will improve how others see you.

We know that everyone wants to look their very best for all social and work occasions; however, to achieve this successfully it often needs a little help from a guiding hand to ensure you make the right decisions. The aim of our service is to provide impartial advice where the client is encouraged to consider new ideas on how they dress by exploring and developing their natural style in a non-sales environment. We understand how difficult it can be to make these types of decisions when confronted by a store salesman whose main priority might be to meet his sales targets for the day.

Service and expertise are an integral part of our service and we pride ourselves on having a warm and approachable nature where the customer is always encouraged to express himself. We take particular care to ensure we understand our customer’s needs and we achieve this through a free-flowing dialogue between client and tailor where every detail and decision is discussed before moving on to the next stage.

Our service is designed to enhance self-confidence in our clients knowing they are looking their best whilst still allowing them to express their own character and personality. We believe that taking care of your appearance should be an enjoyable and rewarding process that will change how you think and buy clothing in the future. Clients can often achieve very good results by following a few simple rules and by knowing which styles and colours suit them best.

Marc Oliver have now extended this service to include visiting clients at home, these appointments are designed to be relaxed sessions where we can look through your current wardrobe together and discuss your current and future needs. We will identify which garments are working well for you and which ones you really should consider letting go, favourite garments can be re-adjusted to ensure they fit correctly giving them a new lease of life. Our visiting service has proved very popular as refreshing and reviving old garments is certainly cheaper than having a to buy a whole new wardrobe. During our home visit we will offer great tips on how to maintain and care for each item in your wardrobe, this is usually an eye opener for most clients as it can be surprisingly easy to do and can save them a fair amount of money in the long run.